Below is the Converse Memorial Library in Malden, MA (1883-1885 - yes, that Converse).  The library has expanded twice.  Both expansions follow Richardson's overall design.
In 1881 Richardson submitted a design for Austin Hall at Harvard in Cambridge, MA.  Construction began the following spring and was complete by 1884.  The building is part of Harvard Law School.
This is the back side of Sever Hall (1878-1880), also at Harvard, which faces the Fogg Museum.  The front side of Sever faces Harvard Yard.  The overall massing and use of brick was repeated in Richardson's Union Station in New London, CT.
Below is the Rev. Percy Browne House (1881-1882) in Marion, MA, said to be one of the first examples of Shingle Style architecture in the U.S.  Alterations of the porch and dormers are in keeping with the original design.  At left is the house as it faces Marion harbor.  The rear of the house is at right.
This is now the Hellenic Gospel Church in Newton, MA, originally Immanuel Baptist Church (1884-1886).  This isn't one of Richardson's best buildings and it's seen some tough times, but you can still see echoes of Trinity.